Where the road ends

In the Wilderness we see Nature at its finest. Experience incredible sights, sounds and seasons undisturbed by human activity. Here, you are invited to relax, unplug and reconnect with the earth. Unwind in our Tree Tents and bask in the beauty of the Forest, whilst enjoying the hospitality of our local guides.  

Nuuksio, Finland

The first of our Tentsile Experience Camps is located in the entrance of Nuuksio National Park and near Haltia - The Finnish Nature Centre.

Nipigon, Canada

Nipigon is a bustling small town which sits at the northern peak of Lake Superior, "The Inland Sea", and hosts a wide variety of adventures to embark on.

Luleå, Sweden

For a private escape, visit this secret island in the Luleå archipelago, off the coast of Northern Sweden.

Lapland, Finland

Land of clear waters, fresh air and the Midnight Sun.

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