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Sardinia, Italy

In "Sa Rutta Tentlife Experience", we are ready to welcome you and make you live an unforgettable sensory experience, in a context of unspoiled nature!

You can spend one or more nights in our tree tents, located on a plateau 300 meters above the sea level. To the east is the beautiful beach of Murtas and to the west the Cengia, which overlooks the old mining site of Baccu Locci.

In the base camp, there is a natural cave where in ancient times, shepherds made a refuge to shelter from the elements and spend the night there. A small wooded formation, where the tents have been installed, and the rocky conformation make this place unique.

You will also have the opportunity to choose whether to spend your day in total relaxation, or to do outdoor activities such as mountain biking, quad biking or to be accompanied by our expert guides along the paths, to admire the incomparable beauty of the area, including wonderful waterfalls and natural pools of Su Fossu de Su Para, along the river Sa Buddidorgia. Emerald green waterfalls and transparent lakes that are created during the rainy season, and that leave visitors breathless, immersed in the cool and immense glades, where the only noise is that of the water that roars undisturbed. 
“Sa Rutta Tentlife Experience” is a real journey of the senses.