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Rome, Italy

TEC The Forest – This Tentsile Experience Camp is located at 600 meters elevation, in the heart of the Castelli Romani Regional Park, within a large volcanic crater, in an area rich in history, nature, folklore and gastronomy just a few kilometres from Rome.

The TEC is housed in the "Vulcano" Center for Experiential Outdoor and Experimental Archeology, an area of ​​two hectares where, after your awakening and a rich and healthy breakfast, exciting activities such as archery, survival skills, wood carving, primitive stone technologies and much more can be carried out. In the evening, you will have the opportunity to cook on the grill and lose yourself in the stories of myths, legends and constellations of the stars. Inside the Park, due to its connotations of Open Air Museum, there is also a reconstructed primitive hut, a Mongolian yurt and a Living History village of Lakota Oglala Sioux tents, a picnic area equipped with tables, barbecue and a Neolithic oven made from raw earth.

From the camp, starts a choice of fascinating hiking trails and trekking options that will lead you to discover the history before Rome and the naturalistic and volcanological wonders of the area such as the Albano and Nemi lakes, the Artemisio volcanic chain, the medieval castle of Lariano, the ruins of ancient city of Tusculum and much more. The Camp is managed by our professional Nature Guides and Outdoor Instructors who will be able to accompany you on incredible experiential adventures to discover the territory of the Castelli Romani and beyond. In fact we have our mountain bikes at the camp and Canadian canoes on Albano Lake. Rome is easily reachable by public transport. TEC The Forest awaits you for a great naturalistic and space-time experiential adventure.

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For any information please send an email to: outdoorcastelliromani@gmail.com