CAMPING - Bring Your Own

3000,00 € / d

Have you hiked the Kings Trail or thru hiked the Appalachian Trail or just enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors? ….we bet you haven’t camped in a tree!!Then this is something truly special and something ‘not’ normal …but who WANTS to be normal anyway. Come and stay at the NEST and camp somewhere you wont forget, deserted island CHECK, eco certified and sustainable campsite CHECK, bring your own gear and camp your way but above the ground CHECK and see this amazing archipelago in a different light … well that’s up to you but we’ll be happy to help.

You will be zipped away from it all by your own boat to a gorgeous and remote location in the outer archipelago where you will discover not only yourself, but the true meaning of peace and serenity. The Nest is one of the islands in the 1300 island archipelago in the far north of the Gulf of Bothnia perfect to relax, explore and enjoy. Here living by the environmental and ecological principles of ‘Leave No Trace’ you will enjoy the best of nature as you camp in ‘your’ style. Maybe sea kayak and swim, walk on the remote beaches or just stay awake relaxing watching the ‘Midnight Sun’ as it barely dips below the horizon. The choice is yours … it’s your island.

  • Duration: 23 hours (longer duration’s by inquiry)
  • Boat transfer included
  • Min persons : 2
  • Max persons : 9 (Groups or more please inquire directly)
  • Available : June through September
  • Difficulty level : Easy to Moderate
  •  BYO – bring your camping gear and food, we’ll provide the amazing location and your very own 3 person Tree tent.
  • Whats included:  Tree Tent and Skypad sleeping mat, Outdoors kitchen incl. utensils etc, toilet facilities, shore side wood fired sauna.
  • Bookable Extras :
    • Food packages (from Budget to family options)
    • Land or onwards Transfers
    • Beer and Wine, Gourmet food or special requests,
    • Yoga and wellness
    • Outdoor activity equipment available for hire including kayaks, stand up paddle boards and fat bikes.


The Nest Sweden
+46(0)72 223 0059
Company id: 769634-2208
The Nest Sweden
+46(0)72 223 0059
Company id: 769634-2208
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