Drinkable Lakes and Endless Seaviews

These locations have the elements of water and freedom. Fishing, open water swimming and SUP paddling are waiting. Some of the world’s hidden beach treasures. No sunbed rental and cheesy music. We are not offering Copacabana or Riviera for our Tribe. Just a bliss. 

Nipigon, Lake Superior

Fast flowing rivers, wondrous waterfalls, and the world's largest lake, these waters are ready to be explored by you. Come and take part in a once in a lifetime experience, by paddle or sail, for your Tentsile Experience this summer!

Adventure Island Naustholmen

No cars, no busloads of tourist, no traffic lights – just the sound of waves and the stunning view of majestic mountains rising from turquois sea.

Archipelago National Park

Archipelago sea is a part of Baltic Sea and the world’s largest archipelago by the number of islands. There are over 20 000 islands in the Arhipelago Sea, but only few inhabited.

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