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Skytent Ecocamp - Tentsile Experience Camp Högsåra is an environmental responsible and experiential accommodation in the world's most beautiful and biggest archipelago, the Archipelago Sea.

Skytent Ecocamp in Högsåra island is located in Sandvik's sheltered and pristine sand beach, which is part of the Archipelago Sea National Park on the idyllic island of Högsåra. Sandvik is one of the most spectacular spots in the National Park and is located on the west coast of Högsåra island and therefore has a magnificent sun sets.

Högsåra is an excellent destinations, with interesting nature and culture attractions, and also with good and quality services. You can get to the island by daily operating ferry.

What's included in Skytent Ecocamp Högsåra

- Tentsile tent and trillium hammock
- sleeping bag and liner
- "ground" sheet
- pillow
- towel
- headlamp
- drinking water
- lock to tent
- matches

You can also rent to Högsåra
(these are not yet on webstore, if interested; ask

- cooking equipments and flatwares
- solar charger for mobiles etc
- portable travel shower with tent
- bikes with panniers
- suitcase storage
- binoculars
- dry bags
- Tentsile extra level

Also availeble from NaturEffect

- Nature and culture guidings
- Nature guidings in Örö Fortress island
- Guided tours by bike

Environmental responsibility

NaturEffect always takes care of the nature and the environment. We make sure, that Ecocamps are so ecological as possible. 

We also donate 5% of every euro from Ecocamps to nature conservation. Conservation destinations are Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and The Finnish Nature League. For those who travelled to Finland by plane we even provide voluntary carbon offsetting.



The village of Högsåra is one of the most spectacular natural and cultural sites on the Archipelago Sea. The village of Högsåra is a picturesque archipelago village with a magnificent village landscape dating back to the 18th century. Högsåra has the highest annual population of the National Park region, with as many as fifty inhabitants. You can also find the most popular cafeteria and restaurant of the Archipelago Sea; Farmors Café, two guest marinas, three children friendly beaches, a grocery store and the Jungfrusund's pilot museum.

Another café-bar-guest harbor is Rumpar bar. You can also book a sauna from the Rumpa bar and from Kejsarhamn and there are also separate showers in both places, which works with coins. You can also get a breakfast from Kejsarhamn, if booked advanced. 

Högsåra is a very peaceful island. There are not really any cars on the island, as they are recommended to leave to the "main land" at ferryharbour. "Let car stay, cycle or walk", as a sign tells. Sandvik Beach is located about 2.5km from the ferry harbour and about 1.5km from the village on the quiet western shore of the beautiful outdoor archipelago.

The island of Högsåra is conveniently accessible by ferry, which runs every day of the year.


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Varustelun kuvaus:There is a stove for camp fire and firewoods and two dry toilets. These are included in price.
Keittiön kuvaus:You can also rent cooking equipments and portable stove from NaturEffect.
Pihan kuvaus:Amazing beach with marvelous view.
Rannan kuvaus:Beautiful shallow child-friendly beach.
Aktiviteettien kuvaus:Hiking and cycling in Högsåra Island in forests and in village. Paddling in Baltic Sea.

Liikenneyhteydet ja palvelut

Liikenneyhteydet:Ferry tschedule:
Direct bus service from Helsinki:
Public transport to Taalintehdas, 15km away:
Ajo-ohjeet:Follow Kasnäs and Hösåra signs.
At Högsåra, follow Sandvik signs.


Helsinki185 km
Turku105 km
Salo 85 km


+358 (0)407700065
Y-tunnus: 2880374-5
+358 (0)407700065
Y-tunnus: 2880374-5
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