Become TEC and Get License

We are looking for new experiences for our Tentsile Tribe!

If you are owner/operator of a beautiful natural destination and looking for a new ecological accommodation solution you may have potential to become an official Tentsile Experience Camp? You may be running eco travel services like guided mtb tours, jungle treks or kayak trips in wilderness and would like to uplift your experience?

Some of our TECs have a small hotel, B&B or guest house facilities as a basecamp for Tentsile related activities and our tree tents are giving them great way to extend the length of stay and increase the capasity of visitors for the season. We are happy to help you with our TEC concept, offer you a booking system and re-direct our global followers to enjoy your special spot. We believe that more local life, food, people and nature is involved with you the better the travellers will feel and support your business.

More information

Please contact or phone +358 50 3506160


TEC Licence gives you the rights to use our brand and get your camp services and activities available for the global sales channels. You can reach our Tribe and of over 200 000 social media...

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